Cambodian King OKs Same-Sex Marriage

Dunno whether someone else has posted a thread on this, but I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at the irony of high-up Cambodian officials approving things before the so-called home of the free…

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I’m so glad this is happening. Maybe now it’ll happen for real in the US, and not just on a state-to-state level.

Quoting from the article:

So he may approve of them but he can’t make them legal. Still, I can’t wait for the radical right to start yowling about the godless Cambodians.

Ooh, can you feel the momentum? Last time I felt momentum like this was 1989 and communism was going bye-bye.

My question is - what to the PEOPLE of Cambodia want, in regards to gay marriage. Who cares what some welfare recipient with a fancy bloodline thinks.

Cambodia? I’m not an expert on Southeast Asian politics by any means but I find that really surprising. Good for the King… I just hope the people in power listen to him.

And Fern Forest, that’s a great analogy. I hope it holds true.

I liked it too. It’s the dancing and the singing and all the tears that made me think of it. Where’s my copy of “Right here, right now”?

uhluhtcdaerd, true he wont be passing any laws or making any edicts but it is fascinating and important that the images of these happy people is touching the hearts of so many diverse people. The more there are hopefully the more anti same sex marriage people will reconsider their position. I’m sure it’s a happy day for gays in Cambodia.