Cambodian Political Cartoons: Scambodia

See here. May be of interest only to a few.

I guess its culturally sensitive to cambodia, but can you give any background to the toons


No idea whatsoever what the underlying issues are–and I’m afraid the cartoons don’t do anything to enlighten me, despite the inordinate amount of accompanying text. Just MHO, but I’m not all that impressed.

Hmm. I was afraid they’d be a little too esoteric, but I had picked up that there were a few Dopers here who were into in Cambodia and so thought I’d throw them into the mix.

The little guy with glasses is Hun Sen, sometimes spelled Hun Xen in the cartoons, the current long-time prime minister of Cambodia. Anything with a red star indicates Vietnam, their historic rival and who to this day often stirs up trouble. The soldiers, too, seem to be Vietnamese. The one at the top, though, deals with suspicions about the true humanitarian nature of US aid.