Can someone tell me the sub-plot in the Broadway play, “Camelot”? How did the round table end up cracking? Did the knights fight amongst themselves? Or, did the Scots attack?

I like the soundtrack, and I saw the play (with Rock Hudson) ages ago, but I was too young. So, what do you know about the sub-plot?


Gwenevere is unfaithful to Arthur with Lancelot.
Modred learns this secretly, & persuades Arthur to proclaim adultry to be a death penalty offence, inflicted by being burned alive.
Modred then exposes Gwenevere’s affair, & she is “sentenced to the flame”.
Lancelot attacks the execution site, & rescues her.
Arthur, who must keep the peace in the kingdom, is compelled by his duty to attack Lancelot in France.
The Round Table splits over the issue.
Both Arthur & Lancelot are killed in the battle.
Gwenevere has had her “little war”, & retires to a convent out of guilt.
The shining kingdom of Camelot ends in tragedy.

Who is Modred? Is he the king’s advisor after Merlins dies from “young age”, as I recall. Does Modred sing of those “Seven Deadly Virtures”? Also, I didn’t think Arthur went to fight Lancelot in France. I thought Lancelot comes to rescue Guinevierre “from the flame”. As it asks “…why else would the king have chosen 5am for the Queen to burn?”

Thanks for the insight…tell me more, tell me more!!!

  • Jinx

Modred is Arthur’s illegitimate son, driven by revenge becuae Arthur will not accept him as an heir, due to Modred’s dissolute character.

I think it’s Mordred.

I believe than Morganna or Morgan sings “Seven Deadly Sins” she is Arthurs half-sister and the mother of Mordred. Morganna puts a spell on Arthur in order to seduve him and become prgnant with Mordred. she raises him to hate his father.

The song is “The Seven Deadly Virtues”. It’s sung by Modred.