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How long must one smoke until the effects are irreversible? I have been smoking five years, so if i quit now is it possible for me to be in the clear? I know that the Govt often stretches the truth in thier “research” when it comes to something they have trouble controlling. There was all sorts of ballyhoo about pot and alcohol back in the first part of the century, so I wonder if what I am told by billboards and commercials by high school students is true.

extra credit…what were some of the ailments that early tabacco companies claimed smoking would cure?

An answer to your second question - early ads claimed that smoking soothed sore throats. When mentholated ciggies came out, they made that claim again.

As to you first question, you must be aware that on some levels no one can answer that question. How could anyone know? What effects could smoking have had on your body that will not be reversed? There’s no way to know. But, the (idiotic) implication of your question is this: how long can I smoke and know for sure that it hasn’t or will not hurt me? I mean, does this mean that if someone tells you the answer to your question is 6 years, then you’ll smoke just that long and then quit? Or are you asking how much of what you hear or read about the dangers of smoking are absolute truth? What’s true? Remembering that cause is very difficult to prove, just keep this in mind: In epidemiological studies here is a strong positive correlation between smoking and numerous health problems. That means that the occurence of these health problems is much higher among folks who smoke, and the more they smoke, the more likely they are to contract such problems. What are you really hoping for - someone to tell you that it’s all a hoax? You’re free to continue to smoke and it’s a perfectly harmless habit? Not bloody likely, young feller.

Be that as it may, (you may step down off the pulpit now CC. No please, let me help you; don’t let the swinger hit you in the ass on the way down), the OP asked how long it takes for the detrimental effects of smoking clear the system after the smoker has quit.

I will try to answer some of it:

  1. The risk of a fatal, sudden heart attack will go down rather rapidly. Your risk of a fatal, sudden heart attack (and yes it even happens to the young) will be cut in half after just a month or so of quitting.

  2. Lung damage lasts longer but generally the risks will be roughly the same as a life-long non-smoker in about 10 years according to current research.

That is all I have right now but I am sure that others will chime in.

WHAM! (the sound of the swinger hitting my ass on the way down).

Thanks for the info shagnasty, even though my question was (idiotic).

I quit in August last year and I feel so good now. I really cant understand why I started in the first place!

The way I quit was I started doing Taekwon-do and I got totally nackered because I smoked. It was quite easy to give up because of this.