Camera for ebay

I’m thinking of beginning to sell some stuff on ebay.
Whats the least camera I can get by with and still show a quality picture of my stuff?
What other accessories will I need?
Any other hints would be appreciated.

You should probably be able to easily get by with 1-2 megapixel camera if the purpose in mind is strictly Ebay. Ask yourself though, will you ever want to use this camera for snapshots, etc.? Since images on Ebay don’t really need to be very large, a small megapixel rating is just fine for that purpose, but for everyday, you are really going to want a 3 megapixel minimium (for decent 3 x 5" prints). Also, for taking pictures of objects, you will probably also want to invest in a cheap tripod. You’ll get a lot more accurate shots either shooting outside/using a tripod inside than using a flash. However, cheaper digital cameras don’t always have a tripod slot, so double-check before putting down the money on one. Good luck with your camera buying, you may want to take the time to check older reviews on

A camera capable of taking extreme close up shots is important, especially if you are going to sell any small items. I use 2 cameras, a Fuji 5 megapixel that takes excellent shots from 2 feet away and my Sony digital camcorder that is capable of very tight close up shots in the picture mode. I use Paintshop Pro to edit the picture to the item only and resize to a minimum of 500 pixels wide. I have received compliments for the pictures in my auctions. I also watermark them, I have had a couple of my pictures lifted by folks to use in their auctions.

Nearly all cameras on the market today have Macro mode, which will allow you to get within several inches when taking shots. For this type of use you can get a decent used one on eBay for $100. You won’t need a large memory card, and if the camera uses AA batteries you can get away without needing NiMH rechargables since you’ll only be takinga few shots at a time.

Pretty much, anything from a major manufacturer (Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Kodak) will do you just fine.

FWIW, if you only own a film-type camera, you can still have your prints put on CD by the photofinisher, or you could use a flatbed scanner to create a digital image of the shots you need.