camera for kilimanjaro?

So in the end I went with the Nikon aw110. I seriously considered going for an elph but that was her last camera and that thing died miserably in her purse (she never got a case for it and that purse could be used as an example of the old cliche about women’s purses. I’m convinced she could hide a pony in there).
The deciding factor was the waterproof feature since she really really likes going to the beach and I figured that this thing would serve as a holiday camera when she goes w/out having to risk it getting damaged as much.
I thought about the better optics but I honestly don’t think she’d be taking pics for artistry as much as keepsakes of the journey. The nikon has good enough ratings and I got an absolutely GREAT deal on it. Thanks all!

I actually wrote this yesterday. nm…


That “indestructo-strap with carabiner” is so handy! Yes, battery pulls for recharge, but why not make that an advantage? They take Pentax D-L192 rechargeable batteries that are about 1in x 1in x 1/8in. Leave the charger at the hotel & bring 2-3 extra fully charged batteries. Triple zip-lock them, and pack a sharpie pen (to mark depleted batteries). I can see this really working. :slight_smile:

I like the real buttons on it, which can be used with gloves. Water proof, durable, and made to just take pictures.

Iphone? First, you know you’re just going to trade it in after 2 years. Second, if it dies up there, you lose everything (you can pull the SD card out of a WG-1 and carry it in a jeans pocket, but if you manage to kill that camera that’ll be a story that deserves a thread). Also, everything is a finger slide or a finger tap with the Iphone’s touch screen. You’ll either taking off and fumbling with your gloves or using slim-jims as a stylus. :eek:
“Honey, why does your phone smell like bad beef jerky?”
“Well, I was up on Everest, see…?”