Camera recommendations - watersports

I need some camera advice. I like to take pictures from my kayak. Currently, I’ve been buying cheap disposable cameras that take shitty pictures.

So, I’d like to get a new camera that can tolerate being splashed with water. I’d rather not spend much; I’d rather get another kayak if I’m going to spend a grand.

Anyway, this camera is being advertised in kayak magazines, can someone offer their (knowledgeable) opinion about it?


Here is another similar camera. Could I tell the difference between pictures taken with the Digital Hero and this model?

Both cameras are mostly junk. Well, not junk, but not very good.

Take a look at the Olympus Stylus 770 SW if you want bombproof. It’s brand new and expensive, and may be overkill. If you aren’t planning on going under water with them Olympus has their Stylus 740 and 750 which are weather-proof, meaning splashing them or a light rain won’t bother them.

But the Digital Hero is a toy, and the Sea Life is designed for diving and would be barely acceptable above water. You can get what is basically a heavy duty ziplock bag that you can shoot through that adds some extra protection for your camera.

Well, I do not plan on “underwater use” other than what happens with capsize. I’ve just been comparing Mega pixels, which obviously isn’t what it’s about. The more I read about the digital Hero, yes it is crap. I was attracted to the strap that can be put onto a paddle.:frowning:

You like the Stylus 740? I’m reading good stuff about it.

Well, you’ll definitely want something that can capture yellows and fleshtones accurately, but you really won’t need anything high-tech. Remember to do it somewhere that’s easily hosed down afterwards!

Ya know, after I wrote the title I went to change it because I’m not stoopid. But I left it stand, because, oh well.

Anyway, I bout the Olympus stylus 740 on Telemark’s recommendation. And the cool thing was, I got a very good deal!

Thanks all.

Good call! I knew the title didn’t mean what it sounded like, but it made me grin anyway. :slight_smile:

Then again, this is SDMB – I suppose it could have been what it sounded like…

Whitewater kayaking or sea kayaking? In calm water, I just take my SLR in a drybag. (Slightly risky, but you get the advantages of the long zoom, and this is what camera insurance riders are for.)

For cases where I’m liable to get splashed, I use a Sony point and shoot 7MP in a waterproof Marine Pack. Back when I first got it, my particular setup was about $325.00 for the camera and $150.00 for the case. But the camera (with a few minor issues) has been a real workhorse pocket camera and you can use it for scuba, beach, kayaking, what have you.

If you want to go the budget route, you can do a search on EBay, you might be able to get an older camera that’s compatible with one of their cases.

I have an Optio WP camera. There are a couple of models around, I believe (mine is 2 years old and I haven’t followed much the evolution of the series). It is a Class VIII submersible (10 feet, one hour or something like that). Mine is 5 megapixels, which is way more than enough for most practical purposes. It has an optic zoom of x3, but I believe that has improved since I got mine.

In sum, it is a $200 camera, very compact and very capable, completely waterproof.

Mine has endured 2 years taking over 7000 photos in numerous trips to the beach (see my location), pools, rain, mud, beer, and bbq sauce, among others.

The pictures it has taken are good enough to be printed at 8x10 in photo books. I recommend it highly.

I just wanted to tip you off with the website called If you go to the reviews - consumer reviews, you get a good outline of what is available of cameras that can be used in wet conditions.

And there are also lots of other useful stuff for those who want to delve more into photography.

The 770sw is the one I have, and it’s been great so far. I don’t do any water sports, but I do a lot of cycling, and this one is tough enough to keep in my shirt pocket and not worry about sweat, rain or taking a fall. It’s compact, lightweight and takes good pictures. Because it fits in my pocket, I take it with me just about every day now and shoot more with it than I do with my D-SLR.

As a bonus, the waterproofing means that cleaning the lens and LCD is just a matter of dunking it under a faucet. Great if you have a grabby infant with permanently greasy fingers.

I ended up buying the Olympus Stylus 740 7.1MP Digital Camera. I almost feel bad about the great deal I got. I found one used on Amazon for $100, and it turns out the seller is local. I’m going to go check it out this weekend, and if the weather holds up I’ll do some paddling with it this weekend.

Oh, and Sublight: very cute kid!