Cameras: Full Size Sensor + Mirrorless = $$$?

APS-C Sony lenses will vignette at FF, or switch cameras to cropped mode. I’m curious how full function older Minolta Maxxum lenses will be.

Wow, using an X-mount to A- mount adapter and the A to E adapter together (if possible), even really old (but still useful) lenses will be usable. Of course, metering and focusing will be non supported. But, I’m thinking of specialty Rokkor lenses like the 24mm VFC.

If you want to use old manual-focus lenses, these mirrorless cameras are better than DSLRs. The metering is done by the imaging sensor, so it works with any lens. So aperture-priority auto-exposure mode works. Focusing is also done by the imaging sensor, so the same manual-focus aids work on any lens - including the “focus peaking” feature.

Of course the mechanical linkage doesn’t work for controlling the aperture. So you can’t meter with the aperture wide open. And if you want to focus with the aperture wide open, you need to change the aperture manually.