Camp songs for the barbarian hordes

(Apologies in advance for any viral marketing. I just couldn’t resist.)

I saw a commercial recently with barbarian marauders as camp counselors. One of them was leading the children in a song that started, “Burn the village to the ground, doo-dah, doo-dah…” Of course, it left me speculating as to what the rest of the song might be, or what other gems the pillaging counselor might have in his repertoire.

Seeing as we Dopers resemble rampaging hordes on occasion, I figured I’d ask for inspiration here. What lyrics would you teach the kiddies to instill the proper lessons of the barbarian ethos?

There was a warrior who had a dog
and Drago was his name-Oh.
and Drago was his name-Oh.
Or how about one for the oarsmen on those viking ships:

Row, row, row your boat,
All day, it does seem.
If you don’t stay up to pace
The whip will make you scream.

Ska, punk, maybe some Nina Simone and Lisa Loeb.


Manowar sing-a-longs, all day every day.

Oh, the torch goes on the roof
Or the torch goes in the door
But the screaming of the women’s just the same.

Just the same!
Just the same!

And the screaming of the women’s just the same.

Don’t even get SCA people started on this…

And I say to the gods I have wedded this blade
and shall have no other wife
I have bones for a bride-price and a barrow for a bed
and the blood of my enemies to dress us both in red.

And that’s a cheerful one…