Campfire Recipes

Does anyone have any good campfire recipes or simple camping stove cooking info? i am in scouts and i wanna cook some new stuff. i am tired of frying biscuits for doughnuts and opening cans of tomatoes for chili.;j

Lots of stuff here including scout’s recipes and what can be done ahead of time.

How simple?

You can make dampers with flour, water and salt. Add enough water to make a soft dough, then wrap it around a non-toxic stick like a corn dog. Then cook it.

Here’s a few good websites that may help you out.

From one Scout to another, I hope these help you out.

I tried some “foil packs in the ashes” last year and they were surprisingly good. They consisted of raw, cubed chicken breast, rice, veggies, a dollop of condensed mushroom soup, salt and pepper. I froze them before the trip and had them on day 3 or 4. They were double wrapped and we threw the outer layer away and used the inner layer for a bowl. We threw them in last nights campfire ashes and went canoeing for 3 or 4 hours. They were just right for lunch.

My friend reports her family baked a cake using a smallish foil lined box and coals. She said they assumed about 90 degress per coal.

I am going to check out the links posted above, also.