camping entertainment in South East Minnesota

I’m looking to spend the weekend in Minnesota. ANy interesting camping spots with something to do/look at/enjoy?

Heres the sort of thing I like: Effigy mounds national Monument in Iowa, near there…(already been there)
Pipestone National Monument…would like to go, but probably too far for me
Couple of years ago I went to Mammoth Cave in KY…anything like that in Minnesota?

So that’s the deal. I’d like to camp out for a couple of days and see the sites, hike, bike around, maybe canoe. I’d rather not go to a campsite and just sit around the campfire singing songs to myself.

Suggest an attraction and i’ll be happy to check it out!!

It’s not as big as Mammoth Cave, but Mystery Cave is pretty cool. SE MN is pretty good for hiking and biking in general - it’s a very pretty area.

When I was much younger, I went to a very cool cave in southeast Minnesota. Probably the one that Silophant mentioned above.

Can always go to the Spam museum in Austin. I’ve actually never been there, despite living in the area during my youth.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester may have something to see. There are probably some nice areas along the Mississippi River, like the Winona area or near La Crosse, WI.

Decorah, Iowa is less than 20 miles south of the MN/IA boarder. There is a fantastic brewery there (Toppling Goliath) and there is an interesting clock museum nearby. Looking at the town’s website, there are a lot of outdoor options, as well.

If you are interested in architecture and Louis Sullivan banks, one of the best is in Owatonna. Have lunch at Costa’s down the street.

We did some nice canoeing on the river at St Croix State Park. There were a lot of mosquitoes, but it was August. Not sure if that’s south enough.

And to go completely off-piste, I really liked Itasca SP. Lots of great wildlife.

Beaver Creek Valley is a pretty nice state park – you have bluffs and a very nice stream where you often can see trout.
Great River Bluffs SP has some awesome scenery in all seasons.
The Root River trail (MN) is nearby for bicycling as well as 100+ miles of connected trails on the WI side (Great River / La Crosse River / Elroy - Sparta / 400)
Perrot SP on the WI side is nice and the nearby Trempeauleau hotel often has music
Water may be shuff off for the season though


Addendum - Perrot State park is right on (well, via very short connector) the Great River State Trail.

The National Eagle Center in Wabasha is a neat place.
As is Lark Toys which is close by.

I’ve been to Pipestone, and unless you happen to drive by there on your way to somewhere else, it’s likely not worth it. The history of it is interesting, but the site itself is pretty limited. There’s a trail and some interesting rock formations, but that’s about it.

We camped in Pepin, which is on the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin side. The drive down that highway is picturesque and there are interesting things to see, and quaint towns to visit. Stockholm Pie Company! Also, the cabin (replica, actually) where Laura Ingalls Wilder was born, is near Pepin.