Camping recipes (Tofu?)

So, my sister (let’s call her Lois) and I are leaving in a few days for two weeks of camping on lovely Madeline Island. I am incredibly excited, because we used to vacation there as a family when we were young, and neither of us have been back for over a decade, and it’s also been a while since we’ve done any camping. I’m looking for suggestions of good meals for two adults- all my experience is with feeding big crowds of girl scouts on 3-4 night trips. The length of out trip is more of an issue than anything else, since while there are grocery stores on the island, as I recall the quality and selection of fresh foods is iffy. We will have a propane cookstove (one of those 2-burner coleman things) and a fire pit, and pans aren’t a problem (since we have a whole truck to fill up and I pack light anyway).

The one thing I’m interested in trying out is tofu, but I’m not quite sure how. Neither of us are vegetarians, though I used to be, but we both really like the taste of tofu and it freezes well. I will probably just pan-fry some of it with vegetables just like at home, but I wonder if anything special, campout-like can be done?

So: share your favorite camping recipes (special award for the best foil dinner and for anything that can be cooked on a stick!) and fun stories too (but recipes first- this is CS, not IMHO :stuck_out_tongue: )

Easy and tasty:

2 Johnsonville hot Italian sausages
1 can white beans (great northerns), undrained
1 can diced tomatoes, undrained
A couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary (remove from stems, chop if desired)

Skin the sausage, break up into frypan and cook until done. Add the beans, tomatoes and rosemary. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

mmmmmm… sounds great! putting rosemary on my shopping list. Thanks!

For the campers I know, toe foo is what makes your hiking boots smell funky.

I’m not a camper, myself. Let sleeping bags lie, I say.

Given that space really isn’t an issue, you can pretty much have what you normaly do.
Even if fresh food may be hard to get, you should be able to get ice on the island.

When I went camping I had:
Pan fried breaded pork (friday night)
egg dish (below)
Peanut butter sandwiches
Bear Creek potato soup augmented with tuna

Egg dish (one serving). Cut up two sausage links into 4 or 5 pieces
Add some frozen hasbrowns (cubes) - enough to fill a 1lb spread cheese container
2 eggs.

Fry up the sausage. When it it is not quite done add the spuds. When that is nearly done, add the eggs.

Remember, everything eaten while camping tastes a lot better.

I haven’t had these in > 20 years:
“Bull’s eyes”
Take a piece of bread and use a cup to remove a circle.
put the bread in a pan and put and egg in the center.
flip if desired.


you can always do the original car camping campfire breakfast burrito.

Fry some bacon and sausage in a big pan. Set aside bacon but keep grease.
Throw potato cubes in bacon let cook about halfway.
(if your fishing as well a nice freshly morning caught trout goes in at this point)
Throw in onion and green pepper.
Wait a few more minutes
Crack a couple eggs in. Scramble eggs and tear apart fish.
Crumble bacon and rip sausage and stir back in.
Throw cheese on top.
Wrap in burritos.

I have done it in a foil bowl, but a pouch would be way too hard.

Big hearty breakfast for several with one pan, one knife, and one spatula, no plates or silverware.