Im goin camping with my dad and little brother. I was wondering if any one had any ideas as to fun things to do?

Where are you going camping? Fun things might be easier to come up with if we knew what was around you.

Frisbee golf.

  1. Each person gets a frisbee.
  2. Point to a distant object. -tree, sign post, cute girls tent-
  3. Agree with other players on par. -how many throws to hit the specified object-
  4. Have fun.

It’s a great way to explore the campground and meet new people.

Play ‘Blair Witch Project’ and scare hell out of little brother.

Burn stuff. Drink beer. Eat meat. Sweep the bugs outta yer tent. Smoke cigars. Drink beer. Swat mosquitoes. Climb a tree. Play cards. Lock your brother in the outhouse. Drink beer. Fish.

You can’t top Uncle Beer’s list.

Snipe Hunt

  1. Give little brother a burlap bag. (It has to be burlap. You don’t want the snipes to suffocate.)
  2. Take him deep into the forest at night. (Snipes are nocturnal.)
  3. You and dad circle around to drive the snipes to little brother.
  4. He catches the driven snipes in the bag and you have a Midnight Snipe Roast.

Somewhere between steps 3 & 4, you and dad wind up back at camp drinking beer (or whiskey if it’s cold out). I don’t know why this is. We never seemed to get to the Midnight Snipe Roast part. (Midnight Spam Roast- yes.)

Nature hikes are fun too. During a hike you see who can spot and identify the most animals and plants.

(Former Camp Counselor speaking here)

  1. Do some campfire activities:

    • Roast marshmallows and make smores
    • Sing old camp songs (Except “Kumbaya”)
    • Read a good book aloud to the family
  2. Go smimming

  3. Hi Opal!

  4. Depending on the campground, you could go swimming

  5. Also depending on the campground, the campground may have activities including:

    • Burlap bag racing and other “picnic” type games
    • Frisbe golf (already mentioned)
    • Playground for kids
  6. Hike a nature trail
    I will second the statement that a lot will depend on where you are camping. We were going to camp at a spot near Flint, MI so that we could go to Crossroads Village (A small 1870’s reenactment village). It poured all weekend and we ended up not doing a lick of camping.

Anyone want to tutor me in using the “Preview” option?

Swimming listed twice? What was I thinking?

Singing “Kumbaya” too many times as a child will do that to ya…

As an alternative to s’mores, may I offer the delicious campfire treat, known to my family as “Poop in a Shoe”

heat two homemade peanut butter cookies in a hand held grate over the fire. Don’t burn them, just warm them…then place half a hershey bar between the two and transport yourself to heaven.


Thanks for the clarification. I, for one, was wondering what “smimming” was, and how I missed out on it as a kid.

As older kids, one thing we always enjoyed was going on a short night hike. Depending on the terrain (the potential for looooonnnnnggggg falls dampens my enthusiam for this activity) it’s fun to see how far you can walk w/o using your flashlight.


Yeah. I’ll probably never fully recover from that. There has got to be some sort of therapy for that. Perhaps sending kids out on a Snipe hunt, or even searching for the ever elusive “Left-Handed Smoke Bender”.

Jarbabyj: Those sound deadly! I’ve GOT to try one… and I have my late grandmother’s peanut butter cookie recipie too. He he. :smiley:

  1. Get Scout book with instructions on building paraffin stove out of a tuna can.

  2. Build paraffin stove.

  3. Fry hamburger on stove.

  4. Get humungous blister on thumb.

  5. Next morning, pierce blister with needle.

  6. Drain pus from blister. Make sure other campers have a good view of this.

  7. Be only camper who wants seconds on pancakes.

Roasting hotdogs or sausages over the fire.

Going out at night and waiting for your eyes to adjust until you can really see the stars. Count the meteorites and listen to the night sounds.

Identifying animal tracks and watch the birds.

A fried egg with deviled ham on toasted bread for breakfast.

  1. Meet attractive camper.

  2. Decide to get naked.

  3. Shitty jazz-funk begins playing out of nowhere.

  4. Have hot monkey sex.

  5. Ron Jeremy shows up for a threesome.

  1. Escape from family.

  2. Walk to my house.

  3. I escape from my family.

  4. We walk to the airport.

  5. We finally iniate ourselves into the Mile High Club as previously mentioned.

  6. Catch a flight to Houston.

  7. Walk across the border and find Miguel Aleman.

  8. Watch lightning storms at the house we stayed at.

  9. Do all the things on our “To Do Before I Die” list

  10. Roll “Grandma’s” house.

After that, I run out of ideas…