Can a 1970's Tandberg Stereo Received Be Fixed?

My beloved Tandberg has crapped out-I turned it on, it lights up, but no output. I’m pretty sure its the FM section, as the tuning dial inicates no signal.
Is it possible to get parts for these receivers? I really love it-its well made and good looking…only, if repair is impossible, I’ll have to scrap it.
Anybody know a good repair site for Tandberg audio stuff?

Radio Shack? If not try googling for electronic repair shops. A monitor that I really liked stopped working but I found a repair guy in Atlanta, Ga who fixed it. It was not cheap but at least I got my favorite monitor back.

Radio Shack? I wouldn’t expect them to have anything more exotic than D cells in stock. Tandberg gear is known for using some fairly exotic and now hard to find parts.

If you google ‘tandberg repair’ there are plenty of shops devoted to repairing them, but be prepared for sticker shock.

What happens if you switch it to AM or feed it with phono or aux inputs? I’m assuming those are working OK?

In most cases of equipment this old, it’s a matter of replacing electrolytic capacitors. Look through the information on this page to see the symptoms.