Can a bank transfer money onto a prepaid debit card?

I have a prepaid debit card. Attached to this card is a vitual bank account for the purpose of receiving tax refunds etc.

Someone wants to give me some money. If we give his bank the account and routing numbers to the virtual account, can his bank simply transfer the money onto my card?

Visa com says that you can reload their prepaid cards, but they add that you should check with the issuing bank about the possible means for yours.
This may be because the issuing bank has to provide a routing number and account number, rather than a Visa card number.

And your bank may not allow the use of the Readylink top up locations.
You’d think the bank people could just allow electronic bank transfers/eftpos deposits to any (eg visa eg eftpos) card numbers by now…

Without going into how money is transferred, and who can or cannot play in which games:

Depends on the card issuer -big time. HOW can it be reloaded? “Wire Transfer”?

Depends on the sending bank - a direct “wire transfer” used to cost $35 (almost 100% profit). Some banks have “Bill Pay” applications whereby one can designate “payees” - any given bank may or may not allow you to add a payee.

A)If I he has the Routing and Account number for the virtual/prepaid account, I’d just give that to the issuing bank and see what happens.


I really, really, really hate the term “100% profit”. ACH transfers cost all entities in the transfer (both banks and typically at least one middle man (often M&I bank or whoever they sold clearing house portion to)) money. Plus, if anything goes wonky with the transfer the issuing bank has to eat that if you you don’t make good on it.
There are very few things in this world that make the business “100% profit” in the sense that you’re paying money for something that cost the business zero dollars.

Do you really think Western Union has no expenses at all, even if we don’t count things like advertising?
Here’s some quick quarterlies I found, without digging too deep, in Q3, 2014:
They brought in about a billion in transaction fees and spent about 840 million in “cost of services” of which they said about 2/3 were commission. That leaves about 280 million dollars, much of which, I’d wager, is made up of bank to bank fees. They also said rising bank fees ate into their profit during the last 3 and 9 months.

Now, what was that about 100% profit? I mean, if it’s free, do it yourself.

Now, I’m not saying $35 isn’t a lot. If all goes well, it probably costs Western Union closer to $2 to move that money. Possibly even just $1 to send it (just to send the money, not counting time, employees, paperwork, overhead etc) and the receiver a dollar or so that their bank waves if it’s a personal account.

My beef is with the phrase 100% profit, it’s one of those things that gets on my nerves.