Can a citizen contest a state AG's contest of a Federal law?

Let’s say I’m a resident and taxpayer of X-lyvania, the 51st state of the United States, and I want to contest the new Federal Meat Support Act (FMSA), which requires every citizen to purchase a pound of red meat at least once a week or face a tax/penalty. I come from a family of butchers, so I personally fully support this new federal act, but as soon as President signed the FMSA into law my state’s AG, who is a Vegan, filed suit to have the FMSA declared unconstitutional.

Short of voting against the AG in the next election, what can I do now to stop this lawsuit in its tracks? Do I have any grounds to sue the AG to get an injunction against him, to stop him from wasting the state’s money on a quixotic lawsuit against a Federal law which the state has no real interest in, or am I the citizen stuck with it?

Any similarity to actual present political situation is purely intentional, of course. :smiley:

No, you’re stuck with it.

Now, how do I, as a vegan, file suit against you to stop you from your quixotic attempts to muzzle the noble efforts of the state’s AG? Hmmm…

Does this fall under sovereign immunity?

Well, it appears friend Bricker’s blanket statement is overbroad and Mr. Moto’s closer to the mark.

According to a taxpayer’s suit is

Such suits would generally be barred under sovereign immunity unless authorized by state statute, such as Ohio Revised Code Section 309.13

Such is the danger of me posting anything after 11PM, as I see upon re-reading that I contradicted myself in one paragraph, 1st saying I wanted to contest FMSA and then immediately afterward saying I supported it. I regret any confusion.

I should’ve just said I was a citizen and taxpayer of X-lyvania, the feds have passed the new law, and my state’s AG has filed suit to declare the new law unconstitutional.

Ah, so X-ylvania is Massachusetts and you’re John Kerry? :smiley: