Can a Cockroach Swim Up Through the Toilet?

The other day the newspaper had an article on cockroaches. This article claimed it is no use flushing the little buggers down the toilet because they can swim back up through the pipes and get back into the house. I have a hard time believing this since I presume they woud be in the general sewage stream under the street. This means they would have to fight against the current back into someone’s house and get to the toilet before they died of suffocation.

Am I simplifying this too much? Has anyone actually seen a cockroach crawl out of the toilet bowl?

I swore that Cecil covered this, but an archive search brought nothing. Drat.

I did a search also but came up with nothing.

What I’d like to know is why a rodent is concerned about cockroaches. :wink:

I’m more worried about the probability of rats climbing through the pipe than a roach; is this what you were thinking of, toad?