Can a dog be allergic to cats?

I mean it – are there cats with actual, physical “cat allergies”? I won’t even begin to try to explain why I’m asking at the moment, but I assure you the answer is very important to me, so please don’t just guess. Any vets in the house tonight? Thanks so much for any informed answers.

I am not a vet. But I have had dogs all my life and read about them a lot and quiz my vet on a lot of things. So while not an expert answer a worthy answer I think.

Yes dogs can have allergies and yes they can be allergic to cats. They can be allergic to most anything a human can be allergic to.

The dog can exhibit its allergies in a number of ways including scratching excessively, respiratory distress, eye discharge and vomiting/diarrhea.

Before you go to any extremes though (such as getting rid of the cat/dog) work to see if you can isolate the problem. Separate the cat and dog…ideally get the dog out of the house the cat is in for a few days (have a friend take it for a bit). Since dogs can be allergic to lots and lots of things narrowing it down can be tricky. Could even be the cat food the dog is getting in to or the litter box.

DEFINITELY talk to your vet about it. They’ll be able to provide advice and possibly test the dog to help determine what is getting to her/him.

They can and he is. Buster the boxer is allergic against a slew of things, cats being one of them. The indication from the blood tests was not very strong for cats, much more so for dust mites.
It’s not a problem for us, since we usually can avaoid contact with cats.