Can a layman check on an active criminal case status?

I’m in the State of Tennessee. My daughter is the victim of a crime that the state is prosecuting.

The criminal docket is a matter of public record. You can find most of them online by googling the “(your county) criminal court docket.” If it’s not online, you can call or visit the county courthouse to look up the records.

If nothing has been filed yet, then you need to check with the police or prosecutor as to the status of their investigation. Be aware that they are under no obligation to share this with you, and may choose not to divulge anything if the investigation is still in a sensitive stage.

Thank you
We will pay a visit to the courthouse this afternoon
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Because of federal grant money, most jurisdictions have a victim’s advocate office (or similar). If you call the DA, they will tell you if that office exists and give you contact info. They can usually help you sort out what is happening in the criminal matter.

That depends on the states’ laws. Here in Minnesota, they have passed ‘Victim’s Rights’ laws which require the prosecutors office to notify the victim of various steps in the court case. Even to object to things. I was notified of a proposed plea deal on a burglary case where I was the victim, and I filed a written objection to parts of the plea agreement. (It was eventually not made.)