Can a learner's driving permit be renewed? (Indiana)

My wife is Japanese and has a learner’s driving permit. It will expire in the beginning of August. I have so much stuff to do, and she is unlikely to take the test unless really pushed. Don’t know if it’s possible.

Can the learner’s permit be renewed? (“She needs more time to learn,” etc.) Or will she have to take the written test over again to get a new one?

This is in the state of Indiana. The website did not answer the question. Thanks!

I know you can get them renewed in Texas, or at least you could a few years ago. It was just like renewing a license. I suggest either calling your local DPS or DMV (or whatever they call it in Indiana) and asking, or just go there and see if you can renew.

BMV Branch Locator.

Just like in the Land O’ Lincoln, they’re closed Mondays anyway. Call them tomorrow.