Can a lumpy bed give you indigestion?

I’ve been having a terrible bout of what I think is indigestion for about a week now. Pretty sure it’s not an ulcer from what I’ve read online. It seems likely it’s a food issue - too much, wrong kind, etc.

But I’m wondering if the fact that I sleep on a lumpy futon mattress could be contributing to the problem, or even causing it?

I have no mechanical issues relating to the mattress. That is, I don’t have an achy back or anything like that. So my question addresses the potential for a mattress to be involved with internal problems like indigestion, hernias, ulcers, etc.

Tough to say, everyone’s innards are a bit different.

When I am having a hinky gallbladder, it is usually just for one night, not a week.

I had food poisoning recently, and I was pretty uncomfortable ‘GI-wise’ for a week.

(as a middle age adult, food poisoning doesn’t seem to make me barfy or ‘loose’, just a sensation of my innards attempting to thrash their way out)

(with some other graphic symptoms I won’t blurt out right now)

Only if you eat it too fast.


Have you been sleeping on the lumpy mattress for longer than a week, but only noticed symptons the last week?

Do you get enough exercise daily? Drink enough, but not too much water? Did you eat anything recently that might be off? Is a stomach flu bug making the rounds of your office/ house/ your children’s school/ your city and the train you take to work? Because those are the causes that come to my mind regarding food problems.

Are you getting enough sleep despite the mattress? Do you wake up on your own and feel rested, or do you need an alarm clock and feel still groggy/ exhausted in the morning? Then you should get a new mattress regardless of food/ digestion.

Has your sleep been off only last week, that is, for some reason or other, you slept less/ not well? That could impact your digestion. Was this caused by some trouble at work/ similar outside, or because the mattress developed a lump last Sunday, and you’ve been sleeping badly since?