Can a person make loud electronic equiptment quieter

My computer is pretty loud. I also recently bought a TiVo/DVD player that is known for being really loud. Is there anyway I can make these things more quiet?

I assume wrapping them in something like foam would be a bad idea as they might overheat. Is that a valid risk or not?

What about putting them in a case of sorts? Are cases made specifically to cut down on noise or would I just buy a normal case and hope for the best or maybe put some insulation in it? By case I don’t mean computer case I mean like a glass or wood case designed to cut down on noise.

Something like this, perhaps?

Foam would insulate the heat along with the sound, and while I don’t know how severely it would affect your computer’s performance, I’m sure it would.

What’s loud-- the functioning of your hard drive, or your computer’s fans? The former might suggest computer problems. The latter can be pretty easily solved, if you’re willing to replace them.

For the past several weeks, there has been a continuing story in the Langa List PC newsletter about making your computer run quieter. See Langa List, you can find most of the stories in the archives.

Most of the noise that bothers people in computers comes from the fans, either wind noise from too-small blades running too fast, or noise from cheap bearings. A better grade of fan will avoid both of these, for a quite reasonable price (like $15-$25).