Can a person really be obliverated?

With this definition:
Obliverated - The complete destruction of something
…could a person, or anything really, be obliverated?

I guess what this really comes down to is:
Can you destroy atoms, or corks and down the line?

Obliterate quarks? Not with current technology.

Then again, if you had an exact replica of the person made of antimatter - an antiperson so to speak, the result would be energy release and no matter left.


Matter + antimatter, e.g. quark + antiquark.

Ah, but energy is merely another form of matter. Matter and energy are freely convertable, for certain definitions of freely. The Universe always has the same amount of mass-energy, although the ratio between the two forms is variable.

Information may be lost, but that’s quite another issue. You lose information all the time as cells die and are replaced. The net information content of the Universe is declining as entropy increases.

Freely convertable? Then where are our transporters?

Things cannot be destroyed once and for all.

I know this is true because I heard it in an ancient Pink Floyd song.

Since, I guess, things cannot be destroyed, things cannot be truely made (something made out of nothing). Therefore would it be safe to say that our universe will never change in relative number of atoms and quarks and so on?
Also, this leads to another interesting topic. Some say our universe is expanding (open universe) and others say we live in a sphere, basically, (closed universe). For the open universe people, how would you account for the expansion? Our molecules just being spread out thinner and thinner? And how thin can we get?

You could throw them in a black hole. Good luck converting that back into anything.

If he were obliVerated he would most likely end up having no liver. See difinition 3.

Did you mean obliterated?

o·blit·er·ate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-blt-rt, -blt-)
tr.v. o·blit·er·at·ed, o·blit·er·at·ing, o·blit·er·ates

  1. To do away with completely so as to leave no trace. See Synonyms at abolish.
  2. To wipe out, rub off, or erase (writing or other markings).
  3. Medicine. To remove completely (a body organ or part), as by surgery, disease, or radiation.

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Do you mean “definition”?


There is a law of conservation of certain kinds of particles. For instance, you can’t create a proton out of nothing without also creating an anti-proton. However, once you’ve got an anti-proton, you can grab it, and move it over to your target (the person you want to wipe out) and use it to annihilate one of his protons. Do this long enough, and you’ll destroy all of his atoms.

You could (with more effort) do the same with all his neutrons.

His electrons are gonna be a lot trickier, but, if you absolutely had to, you could eventually introduce them all to positrons.

Functionally, you can always just toss him into the sun, guaranteeing the destruction of all of his molecules.

Practically speaking, why not just snub him at parties?


Q. Could a person be obliverated?

A. Yes. This is where the phrase “So what am I, chopped liver?” comes from.

Not to beat a dead horse (uh…), but don’t you mean, “often?”

Exapno Mapcase gets the “cool reply of the day.”

To Chairman Pow, whooosh!:slight_smile:

Well for the liver yes. for everything else, yes also.
Simple really (to come up with not to engineer).

seperate some virtual particles* before they destroy one another. save the negative mass ones up and wait till they are alone and bamoo release the negative mass on them. There will be nothing left, but the memories, literally. I’d personally settle for keying the dude’s car myself though.

***Virtual particles are particles that accourding to quantum mechanics pop out of nowhere all the freakin time. They come in pairs. One with negative mass and one with positive mass. This satisifies conservation of mass as the net amount of mass stays the same. They collide and destroy each other before they have much of an effect on anything. **

Y’know I seem to recal that Prometheus was ob-LIVER-ated by an eagle on a daily basis.


There was even a cartoon a few years back in which the eagle could speak - and had quite a biting sense of humor.:smiley:

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