Can a Pope uncanonize someone?

What happens when those powers look at whether there is historical evidence that Jesus actually lived? Do they say “Well, let’s just forget about the whole thing.” :slight_smile:

And Cecil mentions one important component of the Philomena oddity – the cult was indeed abetted by a lot of men and women of great reputation for piety. To this day the Philomenaphiles make their case with a lot of appeal-to-authority quotes from folks like St. John Vianney of Ars and the various pre-Lateran-Treaty Popes. Something was going on with Philomenta that took on a life of its own – seems the time was such that the pious badly wanted, nay, needed, a new Saint with the characteristics of Philomena. One kinda hopes that XXI-st century Popes can whitstand “Popular Acclaim” better – e.g. the cries of “Santo Subito!” for immediate canonization of JP2, at his funerals.