Can an atheist get elected to public office?

In the USA, that is. With deference and reference to Mike Newdow, who made this claim in front of the Supreme Court last week, can an atheist get elected to a high public office in the USA?

And if so, is this common, or a rare occurance?

Zagadka has given these names as names of atheists in high public office: [ul][li]Shirley Dean[]James Doyle[]John Pucinelli?[/ul]I presume Shirley is the ex-mayor or Berkeley, CA, defeated in 2002, James Doyle is the Gov of Wisconsin? and Pucinelli, from Yakima WA? If not, please correct me, Zagadka. [/li]
I wasn’t aware that Wisconsin Gov Doyle was a professed atheist. And if that is all you can find, it is a piss-poor showing if you are trying to illustrate how widespread or even commonly accepted atheisim is in the U.S. And if the 14% of the population being atheist, and 50% indicating “no religion” as Newdow has stated, this seems like pretty poor representation for a major contingent of the poplulation.

shrugs They are all mayors, not governors. Heaven forbid - oops! I mean, vast white nondenominational space forbid - that two people have the same name?

Maybe atheists should either start voting along religious lines (which seems kinda against the point of atheism) or start campaigning better. shrugs You certainly seem to have gotten off to a good atheist start, calling me names before you even started the thread.

For the record,

Is a rather false way to state it. You said “atheists are a second class citizen because there are no atheists in any public office”, I said, “You mean no atheists in major public office?” then you said “show me.” I merely replied.

shrugs Gonna call me more names now?

Ah, lemme correct - you said

I named three. Not my fault that you don’t like that.

I think it should be and it can be.

It seems to me that every four years people wanted to become president lie about how pious they are and how much love they have for god in order to get votes.

Let’s just be honest to American people.

Yeah because we all know that all beliefs, races, sexual orientations, and points of view are proportionally represented in the USA. I doubt there’s many places in the USA where atheists are in the majority. Doesn’t mean we don’t make up a significant portion of the population.

Plus atheists have few allies. Anyone that believes in any religion would have little reason to support someone that feels the opposite way on that issue.