Can anybody I.D. this standup comic (female, country singer persona)?

She was at her most popular (at least most TV appearances) in the 1990s. She was almost a drag act in that she performed as an alter-ego who was a washed up once-big country singer, whose name I also don’t remember. One of her songs was about her husband’s death in an accident at a Christian petting zoo (it involved the audience making animal noises) and another was about her IRS problems. I can’t remember her name though- anybody familiar with her?

Judy Tenuta?

Susan Norfleet

I remember her, very funny. I remember as she singing the audience chimed in with the chorus and she stopped and shouted, “Now I did NOT ask you people to say a WORD!”

It was the petting zoo song, and the chorus went something like, “Thumpity thump, pittery pat / I never thought death would sound like that.”

Major thanks. Hard to believe there’s no video of that song.