Can anyone answer this riddle pleeeeease

I got this in an email this morning…with no answer! It’s driving me nuts, I can’t think of anything that 4 or 5 year olds would guess. I know someone here MUST know…thank you.

 Paul Harvey RIDDLE:

When asked this riddle, 80% of kindergarten kids got the answer, compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors.

What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich need it, And if you eat it, you’ll die?

Oh and who is Paul Harvey?



The answer is:
…and I bet that statistic (80% - 17%) is like 73% of all statistics - made up.

Damn it!

I thought I had this one. :slight_smile:

NOw that does make sense…THANK YOU.

and who is Paul Harvey?

Paul Harvey

Good day.


I’m guessing it’s this dude:

I’m losing my touch, obviously. I used to be quicker on the draw. :slight_smile:

Paul Harvey was a radio broadcaster that was well known the “The Rest of the Story”. He would tell cool stories about famous people or places but wouldn’t reveal the famous thing until the very end. There have been several books of his broadcasts. Very entertaining to read but most of the stories are completely false urban legend stuff or true but greatly embellished. I was disapointed to find that out.

One of the stories is about a boy growing up in some inner city who was bullied incessantly. One day he was beat to a bloody pulp so bad that he had to have several reconstructive surguries on his face. The doctor essentially created a new face for him. A work of art. A face very recognizable to you and me. A handsome face. The face of Mel Gibson. And so when he grew up to star in a movie about a man without a face he was playing the role from his heart. And that . . . is the rest of the story.


Boy my modem really bites.

Paul Harvey’s not bullshit, Copper_Moon. Okay, well maybe that Mel Gibson story is, but most of it’s not. I listen to him in the mornings a lot.

Sorry if I offended you but he really is B.S. I’m sure that some of what he says is truth but it’s a far cry from “most”. Check out and put Paul Harvey into the search engine and you will get a whole list of falsehoods that he has perpetuated over the radio. Here are a few items from the site that have shown to be false or greatly exaggerated"
“He did offer a “Rest of the Story” segment about Mel Gibson on 24 June 2000, and it was a typically (for Paul Harvey) exaggerated version of the truth . . .”

A sun-seeking hotel guest finds the wrong place to get an all-over tan:
“What Playboy presented as a joke in 1961 was told as a true story on a 1980 Paul Harvey radio broadcast . . .”

Was a human finger found in a can of menudo?
"…a report about the Urenos’ disturbing discovery. National radio commentator Paul Harvey reported that Juanitas Foods’ menudo was “being removed from…”

“Did Vice-President Al Gore say his favorite bible verse is John 16:3? Paul Harvey mentioned it in his noontime broadcast on 6 July 1999, and it was…”

Embarrassed fellow is caught talking into a fake phone.
“…In this case, Paul Harvey has presented a legend as a true occurrence. Note that the same story shows up in a 1964 joke book”

Fellow asks celebrity to pretend he knows him so that he can impress the people he’s with, then snubs celebrity.

Dead pet shipped by air is mistakenly replaced with live animal

And so on. I really liked the man too. He sounds so sincere and is a great storyteller. My beef is that he should tell stories but not make them out to be the truth.