Can anyone discuss the Math program at NYU?

I’m finally finishing up my transfer degree at the local community college, and I’m starting to heavily research different colleges with strong Mathematics programs. My father got his B.S. in Chemistry from New York University (Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry from Yale), and he never had a bad word to say about the school (except that there’s no campus to speak of). Has anyone else been to NYU who can comment on the Mathematics program there? Positive, negative, and neutral comments are welcome!

Thank you.

I know that NYU is a generally well-regarded school, and that it’s a hotspot for mathematical finance, but I haven’t heard anything specific about the undergrad program. It looks like there’s a wide variety of courses in addition to the meat & potatoes stuff, which is a plus.

Its very expensive…IMHO there are better schools in NYC for the money. Then again, I don’t know anything about the math program. It could be exceptional.

The math department at NYU is very highly regarded, but also can’t comment on what this means for undergrads. Do you want to continue into research, a professional masters, or go straight to a job? That will significantly effect whether or not its the right place for you.

IMHO being a student in NYC can suck unless you actively want to live in NYC (not everyone does). But NYU puts you in an excellent place for jobs and internships, especially on Wall Street, to the point that it can be well worth the tuition and cost of living.

What’s your goal?

I’m sure the math department at NYU is good.

I’m also pretty sure that you’re going to find more math than you could ever learn at almost any undergraduate department in the US.

I was in a small math dept. undergraduate. With about 8-10 math majors per year.

With some exceptions, I don’t know if the quality of the department really comes into play until you get to grad school, and even then. . .it’s probably overrated. Not inconsequential, but maybe overrated.

Well, I’m interested in a Bachelor’s in Pure Mathematics and hope to apply to medical schools upon graduation. And yes, it’s perfectly normal to use any major as a route to med school. :wink:

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Maybe I’m biased because I know something about the Courant family, but my understanding is that NYU is EXCELLENT in mathematics.

Oh, then the math program at NYU would be more than sufficient for your needs, a math BS from Courant is certainly proof of strong academic ability. I would instead worry about their med-school placement record, I’m sure they have a pre-med advising office who can provide info. Also, there is a fair amount of research overlap between Math/CS and biology, if you can program (or are willing to learn) you could probably find a professor to do a senior project with, i would assume that would look good on your med school apps.