Can anyone help me to become a neuro(?)...?

I say “neuro(?)” because right now my interests cover neurology, neurobiology, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry; I haven’t determined what discipline would best suit my particular skils and abilities. While I’m considering how to go about the process of formal schooling, I’d like to get a head start and nail down some of the more fundamental information related to these fields. I’m 29, with a BFA, and only an incomplete and informal education in medicine (in other words, I read a lot about it :wink: ).

I know there is a fairly long road ahead of me if I want to pursue this, but what I’m hoping for from this thread is a ‘must-read’ list, if such a thing exists…thanks!

Well neurology and neuropsychiatry both require an MD, so I’d go the med school route if you want that. And if you go that route, I’d hold off on the getting the head start on the neuro info; it will be presented in time, and be more accurate for waiting a few more years.

OK…I guess for now I’ll just keep reading anyway…thanks!