Can anyone help me with Outlook?

I use Outlook at work, and I get a lot of spam originating from faked-up addresses in a domain called “ymail”. Outlook supposedly has a “Junk Mail” feature that will block certain addresses, and according to the help, I should be able to block the entire domain as well. I added both “” and “” to the “Blocked Senders” list, but these still get through.

Does anyone know what I really need to add to that list to block all e-mail from that domain?

What version of Outlook are you using? Also, it would be easier if your network team blocked it, if they have a firewall / web filter in place.

You need to set up a rule which searches the from address for and then deletes any messages it finds.

If you’ve added “” to the blocked list and are still getting email from that domain, I would bet that the domain you’re seeing is not the domain it’s really coming from. Have you opened up the headers and inspected them?

Southern Yankee, I’m using Outlook 2007.

KneadToKnow, I always look at the header - no indication of any domain other than Here’s the most recent sample - can you find anything but here?

Quartz, good idea - though the Blocked list should work too.

Given that info, and while I agree with you that the block list should work, I’d go with Quartz’s suggestion. BTW, are you using Microsoft Update, and if so are you up-to-date on your updates? Because I find that my spam will sort of creep up from two-three per day to six-seven per day and then go right back down after an update.

I always keep up with my updates.

I have implemented Quartz’s suggestion. Hopefully that will be more effective than the block list was.

Thanks, all!

I think the reason is that one of the standard Microsoft updates is a junk mail filter. Presumably it gets updated to include domains or addresses that are newly known to send spam.

I concur, I just failed to mention that explicitly in my post. Good catch.