Can anyone help me with this problem? (Xbox 360 and Halo 2 related)

I was given an Xbox 360 for Christmas. I enjoyed playing Madden 07 a lot (especially on the HDTV). The system is no doubt a monster.

However, I am having trouble when I went to play Halo 2 online. I migrated my account with no problem and I am able to sign in fine. But when I went to download the maps, I was not able to download the Maptacular Pack. The other ones downloaded perfectly fine. But on the Maptacular Pack, it downloads a little and then I get an error message saying “Installation of content failed. See for more support information.”

I checked around the website and it sad I should update the expiration date on the credit card I use. I did that and it is still not downloading. I am unable to find any information on the website and my google-fu is weak.

I’d greatly appreciate any information about how I can fix this problem.

Huh. That’s odd. Mine went right through, downloaded the map packs individually and all was right with the Halo 2 world as far as I was concerned. Sounds like you have the unenviable task of contatcing Microsoft’s customer support.