Can anyone ID this Olympic medalist on few clues?

It’s for a co-worker and she wants to get a picture of her for her daughter’s report but doesn’t know the name and I don’t know sports figures.

She was at the last Olympics (not sure if that’s summer or winter), won a gold medal (she’s not sure what the sport is), is older than most Olympic competitors (she believes about 40), and she had a baby not long before the Olympics.

Does this sound at all familiar? (Apologies for the dearth of info.)

Forget the name but she was a brunette swimmer in the 08 summer games. Start there.

Dara Torres? She fits the age, the baby, and I know she won medals, though I don’t know what color.

Thanks! I’m 99% sure it is Dara Torres (who was silver, not gold, but was over 40 and had a baby 15 months before joining the team).

Yup, it’s Dana Torres.

I’d like to get a picture too but the one I want wouldn’t make it into your daughter’s report. Just sayin’.