Can anyone identify these flowers? (pic)

They also smell a lot like pot.

Fritillaria imperialis - the Crown Imperial Fritillary

Some people think Fritillaria imperialis bulbs/foliage (and that of other members of the genus) have a smell similar to skunk odor. The plants are also reputed to repel skunks.

This does not make sense to me. If the plants smell like skunk, you’d think planting them would result in a skunk party.

What I’d heard that they repel is gophers, moles and other burrowing, tuber-eating rodents. You know, to protect your garden. My teacher said that wandering deer ate every ornamental flower and plant in their yard, but completely ignored these. So, YMMV, if you’re using these to protect your plantings.

Perhaps it smells like skunk, not skunk?

People here in the UK liken the smell to fox urine, I believe.