Can Anyone Identify This Chinese History Book

Well about two years ago I was at a Barnes and Noble’s and stumble on a very detailed book on Chinese dynasties. It was quite lavish with colour photographs and was detailed enough to include information on every Chinese emperor including pretenders and emperor of divided empires.

Barnes & Noble published A Timeline History of China by Justin Wintle in 2005. They were on sale cheap in 2008.

It looks like the Timeline series may have been sold or something, as I see that a book came out in 2008 with the same name, but it was published by Thunder Bay Press and lists Meredith MacArdle as the author.

I have the Wintle book, and it’s an excellent recap of Chinese history. I really like the straight chronological perspective, and there is quite a bit of detail in most entries. Just no flowery language; it’s like Joe Friday wrote it or something.