Can anyone identify via description what vintage pinball table I used to own?

Basically my family owned a pinball table for much of the 90’s my dad picked up at a garage sale for $20. The pinball table seemed 70’s vintage as it was entirely analog, the score counter was done via wheels with numbers printed on them. It had a racing theme, old school 1930’s style open cockpit racing IIRC. Very colorful front board but besides the score wheel it was pretty sparse for details. The table itself also seemed a bit sparse, standard plunger and 3 balls for each play setup. Made lots of noise and played a theme when you first started it up but besides that theme didn’t make any real noise besides the dinging of the ball around the board and bumpers. I also remember there really wasn’t much in the way of obstacles on the board, it was fairly open except for 3 white bumpers around the middle of the board and the standard targets to hit on the sides but besides that it was a pretty boring pinball table to play.

Gottleib made a Road Race game in 1969. This was just a couple of years before mahines began to get fancier with music and more active displays and playfields.

The table layout looks 100% right but the art was different, more auto focused with less people.

It’s possible Gottlieb made versions with different backglass pictures. Service companies usually owned and operated these machines and replaced a broken backglass with their own image or used a backglass from a different machine. The same backbox was used for a lot of machines and the backglasses were interchangeable.