Can anyone name this old music video?

There was a music video (mid-1990s?) in which a kid tap dances on stage dressed as a bumble bee and no one claps for her and she goes away sad. Anyone remember what video it was?

That’s not the Bumblebee Kid from Blind Melon’s “No Rain”, is it? Don’t recall her dancing in a stage, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

Yes, No Rain by Blind Melon would be my guess too.

It ends well though as she makes friends with lots of glamorous bee people in the end.

It’s a lovely video IMO.

Yeah, it’s No Rain. There’s a part of it immediately before the song begins with her dancing and being laughed at.

It’s either No Rain or Rio.

Thanks, folks.

Some variation on this video was used in some commercial in the past year, too.

I think Rio featured the bumble bee kid on the bow of a sailboat

You mean Rio? By Duran Duran?

That’s the one. It was popular in the 80’s for about 40 minutes.

Stung by a bee-oh when I danced upon the strand…

Yeah, it featured a cute girl in a hot dog costume trying to give out flyers, but people ignroed her. She then saw a guy in a pepsi comstume doing the same thing. They walked of holding hands. During the entire commercial “No Rain” is playing in the background.