Can anyone recommend a good, fairly recent book about nuclear power?

More specifically, I’m looking for a good introduction to the technical issues involved, both in favor and against greater use of nuclear power. After listening to podcasts like “This Week in Nuclear” and “The Atomic Show” for a while, I’ve begun to think that fission may be a viable, sustainable, energy choice for the future. Having said that I still have some doubts. For example, I’d like a better understanding of how good fuel reprocessing is in terms of safety and cost. On “The Atomic Show” the host at one point said that spent nuclear fuels could be almost entirely converted to energy, more fuel, or otherwise useful materials like neodymium.

I am a layman, not a chemist, physicist or engineer so I’d prefer stuff intended for a lay audience, but I’m not afraid to learn things. Any recommendations for good, recent books or other materials will be appreciated.