Can anyone recommend an underwater MP3 player?

I’ve been looking into this for a while now. I swim lengths in the pool, usually in hour long chunks, and while I feel great afterward it is starting to get extremely dull.

I’ve looked around but most models have very few reviews online (or none at all) and a lot of them are very mixed. I’ve been looking at amazon reviews, but many of them seem to be the exact same review on several different models, which makes me suspicious. Also the vast majority of the problems mentioned seem to relate to how well the earbuds stay in your ears.

I’ve been looking at the Finis SwiMP3, which uses bone conduction and sounds great, but has a very small memory and short battery time and it one of the more expensive out there. I’m concerned that I will never remember to take it with me if I have to plug it in after every single swim. They’re also pretty hard to come by round here (England).
Lavod has a 4gb ‘music tube’ out which is much cheaper for a whole lot more storage, but then if the earbuds wont stay in it is pretty much useless.

Has anyone used either of these, or any others? Heard anything about them, good or bad? Will I be wasting my money, or is it really possible to have ok-sounding music while I swim?

I use an iPod and an H20Audio case (plus armband and headphones).

I got this setup when h2oAudio first released their cases - for my Mini. It came with their older-style headphones. This was maybe 5 years ago and everything still works great! I’m very glad about that too because the whole venture was quite expensive. I’d be pissed if anything broke.

The earbuds on the old-style headphones are fantastic. Can’t speak for the new ones. They won’t work with my older case, either.

Anyway, my vote is for this setup, whether you have an iPod or not. It’s worth it! (and they do ship to the UK)