Can anyone recommend something to repair vinyl?

I have a friend that owns a bar and has a few rips in some of her barstools. I know I’ve seen things on TV that can repair this, but I don’t remember what it was called or if it’s any good.
So, does anyone have any recommendations?
BTW, these are all pretty small rips, an inch or two maybe and I don’t think there was any missing vinyl.

As seen on TV, it’s Liquid Leather!

That’s probably the brand name you’re thinking of. Permatex also sells a version of this for auto upholstery. User reviews of this stuff are pretty terrible. In the long run, she’d be better off re-covering the stools.

What about car seats that have vinyl? Anyone know of a decent solution? I have some cracks, that have flaked. Seems to be common on my model of vehicle. The left thigh bolster, and the left back bolster both have a long crack, and some peeling alongside. Not enough to replace the seat, or cover with something ugly, but a simple repair would be helpful.

Get some duct tape, and tape over the tear. Buy some vinyl paint that will match it, and paint the duct tape before applying it. It worked for me, back when I had leather, or vinyl seats.

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