Can anyone resolve this Autostereogram (aka "Magic Eye")

I’m usually pretty good at these, but this one is just not working:


Jeez, what took you so long? :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes a three-point crown in the center.

ETA: the focal point is waaaaaaay behind the image, if you follow me.

Yes, a simple three-pointed crown.


That actually helped me see it. I guess I can follow you! :slight_smile:

Another way to look at such items is to treat them as “crossed-eye” stereograms. If you do that, it’s fairly easy to see – and it’s easy to see where to line up the two parts. As mentioned above, the two “halves” are very fgar apoarat, more like a crossed-eye stereogram than like a typical “look-=through” autosterogram, which is probably why you had troubvle seeing it.

Of course, viewing it in “crossed-eye” fashion gives you an inverted, inside-out “pseudoscopic” image, so the floating three-pointed crown becomes a punched-out crown shape in a flat wall.

If you’re having problems with a stereo image then hold down the control key and hit the minus key to reduce it’s size. That makes it easier to relax your eyes far enough apart.

Finally got it!

Magiver’s trick worked.

I think the image has been cropped, plus doesn’t have enough detail in it to work very well.

Sorry about that. Its a bad habit I picked up over the years from watching Jeopardy! during dinner.

…and on half days in 1st and 2nd grade over lunch (it was the Art Flemming one).

It’s a sailboat.

It’s a schooner.:wink:

Yeah, really badly done. The overlap distance is too far and the random pattern at the top only repeats a second time.

I had to do cross eyes to see it, and I’m naturally very good at these. (I also wrote a program years ago to make my own.)

I see spleen.

Dead bunnies.

Nope. Waaaaay in front!

3-point crown, made entirely with straight lines (7 segments).

To me it looks sort of like a dragon lying on its side with its head to the left, but that may just be the texture they used. So I guess I’m willing to buy “crown”.