Can Bush do that?

Can he even do that? Does this, along with the rest of the article, scare the hell out of anybody else?

The debate: I think that Bush is taking this “War Against Terrorism” too far. He’s slowly turning our country into a police state - taking more and more rights away from everyday citizens like you and me. Where do we draw the line? When Congress passes a bill that allows wiretaps on “suspected terrorists” without the court’s approval? When you can’t speak out against anything the government does for fear of being arrested? How much of the Constitution are we, as a people, going to allow to be taken from us to fight this “war”? Is winning worth giving up everything we’re fighting for?

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What is the basis for this?

Fairly outrageous that no one will ever know, not even in 20 years.

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I’ll see if I can find something on it myself. I can’t imagine the justification for this.

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Word on the street here in DC says this particular EO was prompted because Bush has so many Reagan-era people in his lineup that literally dozens of them are vulnerable to…

Wait a minute. To what, exactly, are these people vulnerable?

Looks like we’ll never know, eh? Your good government at work.

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A Veto Over Presidential Papers

Bush Urged to Rescind Executive Order

Heh. I hate to tell you, but…

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So, even his fellow Republicans can’t see the reason for this.

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There’s another thread on this topic here in GD.

In response to the first part of the OP, I think Bush probably can do this. They say it has some sort of precedent from WWII and the Civil War.

That’s funny. I was going to say that the precedent comes from the Iranian Revolution and the Nicaraguan civil war.

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Aren’t they trying to do this because some documents from that period are going to become public shortly?

Can Bush do that morally? No. Can he do it legally? Maybe. Did he do it? Certainly.

If I were an American citizen, I’d be terrified about this, personally. He or someone close to him needs to hide something, and needs it so badly that Bush is willing to risk bad press.

Here in Canada, we have enough trouble trying to deal with Bill C-36, which curtails so many civil liberties that even other members of the cabinet are questioning it.

Sloganeering, charismatic unelected leaders, jingoism, reduced freedom of speech, arrests without warrants, secrecy and strict information control. It gives me the chills.

Everyday, we step a little closer to fascism. Didn’t the West learn how dangerous that was the first time? Do we really think these things will improve our societies, after what they did to Italy, Spain, and Germany?

It’s as if democracy is no longer considered workable by the very people we elect. We’re losing the precious system that’s given us all that we enjoy, because of a blind a futile desire to protect those things in the short term.


You just stated what I was trying to say with my OP - but with eloquence. Thank you. I feel the exact same way.

Except, of course, for the Canadian Bill. I didn’t realize you Canadians were going through the same pains we are here in the states. Is it in response to the terrorist attacks?

Nah, that one’s on military courts - a different executive order.

I see no justification for this, at all. Where is the ACLU? Stop defending NAMBLA, and get your butts onto something more important.

Yeah it’s a pretty cruddy and apparently self-serving thing to do, but I’m not worried about it for two reasons:

  1. Numerous people, including Republicans, are already pissed about this, and the longer it goes on the more pressure will be put on Bush to rescind the order until he finally acquiesces.

  2. If he doesn’t rescind the order you can bet in 2004 the Democrats will bring this up at every turn when they seek a return to the Whitehouse. Unless the Dems put up a really crappy candidate they could get the presidency on this issue alone, assuming the terrorist situation doesn’t get wildly out of hand before then, and then they would be in the situation of having to rescind the order or look like hypocrites.

It does certainly appear that the reason Bush handed down this order is due to potentially damaging people in his administration and a few others, [wild speculation] his father perhaps?[/wild speculation]

Considering that he appointed John Negroponte as Ambassador to the UN, and is trying to appoint Otto Reich and Elliot Abrams into certain positions, I’m not surprised.

What’s next-Ollie North as Human Rights Coordinator?

Dave Stewart: I see no justification for this, at all. Where is the ACLU? Stop defending NAMBLA, and get your butts onto something more important.

You mean, like protesting the expansion of military tribunals, unconstitutional government eavesdropping, and the “court-stripping” effects of the Patriot Act? Yes, we have been awfully busy lately trying to protect basic civil liberties, and I’m sure this new executive order will soon be added to the docket too (in addition to the pending case on behalf of the First Amendment rights of NAMBLA and many other landmark civil liberties cases). Thanks so much for your support!

Kimstu, you really in ACLU? Funny, you dont look Jewish…

If so, you rock! Give 'em hell!