can cats kill dogs

Hi, does anyone know if a domestic house cat has ever killed a dog?

Two of our cats easily outweigh my cousin’s dog. It would be a piece of cake. I don’t personally know of any cases of feline canicide, though.

Our lightweight cat attacked and drove off a dog that must have outweighed her by a factor of seven, at least. Usually animals have more sense to run than to stand and fight in a pointless battle, so she didn’t kill him.

I’m sure it’s happened sometime, not as a result of an out an out gutting or anything, but as a result of infection of a bite or scratch wound.

My sister had a cat: the mighty dog killer. I have seen this cat attack a full-grown German shepherd. The dog wound up running & yelping with the cat firmly attached by all teeth and claws to its back.

However, now matter how this cat put the fear of gahd in all the neighborhood dogs, I don’t see how he ever could actually kill something much bigger than itself. Cats just don’t have the bonecracking jaws for it.

I suspect if the dog didn’t chew enough, and there was a GI tract blockage…

Oh, you meant in a fight.