Can cool food absorb calories?

I do not like glacial food or drink somehow, except icecream. While my roommate likes frappes very much. She says very cold things can take away(absorb) your calories in your body, so it can keep you fit. Is it right? Or does it hurt stomach eating too much cold food and drink?

It takes calories to warm cold food in your stomach, but eating cold food wouldn’t be any more effective than standing outside in winter. The effect would be very negligible.

Take beer as an example.

300 mL of beer has an energy content of around 400 kJ.

It takes about 47 kJ to warm the beer from 0 [sup]o[/sup]C to 37 [sup]o[/sup]C, but only 12 kJ to warm it from 25 [sup]o[/sup]C to 37 [sup]o[/sup]C.

So there’s an effect, but it’s not huge.

Also, IMO - the body does’nt do much work in heating the cold food. Part of the energy may come from heat transferred from the ambient.

Should also mention: Is it possible to diet with beer?

The human body uses calories very efficiently. Warming up a cold glass of water does take some calories, but those calories hardly make a dent in a daily intake overall.

Just for an idea of how efficiently your body uses calories and so you understand the amount of energy that must be exerted to lose weight: to lose a pound of body fat, you would have to run about 20-25 miles, or just about the equivalent of a marathon.