Can cutting body hair make it grow back more?

Pretty simple this: if I trim, say, the hair on my forearm, will it grow back longer or thicker than before. What about if I shave it?

Please don’t think I want thicker hair on my forearms.

Please don’t judge me…

How does body hair know it’s been cut and grow back?

It’s a myth.

Yeah, it’s a myth. I’m a triathlete, and I shave my body hair during the racing season so there’s a little less drag in the water (which, IMHO, is also a myth, or at best a placebo effect) and it’s easier to clean up any road rash from the bike (from experience, a very real benefit). I let my “winter coat” grow back in the off-season.

For as long as I’ve been doing this, there has been absolutely no difference in the length, colour, thickness, or coarseness at all compared to before I shaved.