Can Detroit handle a really mini dopefest next week?

Thursday is iffy for me, becaue my car is currently out of commission. I’ll see if I can score a ride. If I can, I’ll prolly be there. Cross yer fingers! :slight_smile:

On of these days you guys have got to get your blue-and-maize asses to Spartan Country. I’m sick of missing these shindigs!

Res, I am counting down the days until Renassaince Fest. I’d be hapy to meet you there.

Of course, an MSU education can only get you so far, seeing how I misspelled both “one” and “happy”…

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Res, put me down as a “probably” for a RenFest, okay? :smiley:


We will gather on Thursday in Ann Arbor. I will ascertain a time when I hear from Brian about what time works for him. I will have Brian come to my house first (and so can everyone else, if they like) or you can meet us at the bar.

Howsabout Conor O’Neills? It’s at 318 South Main Street, phone number 734-665-2968. 'Tis an Irish pub, Ann Arbor version. South Main is right downtown, can’t miss it.

I will later post the time!


I’m ecstatic, but will you bring pie? :::d&r:::

I’ll head down to Conner’s right now (Wednesday night) and keep some tables for us tomorrow.

That way you’ll know who I am tomorrow when you get there…

Yay! Dopefest! Pretty much my most favorite thing. Especially considering how pathetically asocial I have been of late. I will definitely definitely definitely be there.


(No, just kidding. Definitely. Ha ha! I crack me up.)

Well, I haven’t heard from Mr. Cynical yet, so let’s just say 8 pm. If he gets here earlier, he can hang out at my place. That goes double for anyone else.

If you need to know how to get to my place, email me at You’ll hear from me tomorrow. Otherwise, just show up at the bar.

TalkingHead, I can’t wait to meet you. I’ll be the chubby thirtysomething blonde in glasses. Mr Cynical is tall with brown hair.

Actually, I think we’ve got pictures up at the new picture page thingamabob. What the hell is that URL?

Brynda and I will be there. If we get to AA early, we will meet you at Chez Cranky. If not, you will see us at Connor O’Neill’s.

Uh oh.

Last night I pondered the un-fun prospect of cleaning the shitbox that is my house. Then I said “Nah, I’ll do it after work tomorrow!”

Well, turns out dear Mr Cyni gets off nice and early, so he can come to Ann Arbor earlier! And I’d much rather hang out with him than clean my house.

So… ignore, if you would, the mess.

Have fun for me folks. I have to work tonight (big pout).

CrankyAsAnOldMan, I am the seedy looking mediterranean guy sitting at the back table like a padrone with Peter Lorre looking characters reporting in now and then…

Because donations on my televangelist satellite went down, I quit the business, and I don’t have my pompadour anymore, so expect very close-cut salt-and-pepper hair… or an olive New Balance cap that states “Endorsed by No One” on the back.

I’m about 6 foot, athletic build, and dress poorly because they don’t sell adult-sized garanimals with the color matching tags, so I wing matching colors and stuff

I’m wearing a lime green shirt.

I’m envisioing us going through the crowd, me saying “Are you talking head” and you saying “Are you Cranky?” to every stranger we see.

My real name is Karen, which might keep you from getting punched.

not a great picture, but it works – I look scarier in person :wink:

Just wanted to say what a fun night it was Mr. Cynical is a great guy who reminds me disturbingly of my friend Doug (you don’t have a secret life in Houston, TX, do you?) --that’s a compliment by the way!

RickQ is delightful, and if he weren’t already firmly attached, his accent would be sure to make him a hit with the ladies! The newlyweds were adorable in a revolting kind of way. :slight_smile:

Nice to see everyone.