Can Detroit handle a really mini dopefest next week?

So I’ll be in Farmington Hills next Tuesday through at least Friday (possibly part of Saturday as well), and love beer. I love it. And, I love food. And I love dopers.

Well, not really. I universally hate you all, but I’m willing to put that aside for a couple days.

See, the way I figure it, if I’m going to have to be away from my beloved Miss Creant, I should at least have a doper or two to help me drown my sorrows.

And, I will have a per diem.



I’m not gonna be back in MI until at least the 15th.

Hi, Mr. C!

I’ll be back in Michigan on Sunday (currently in NYC). I’d be happy to join you for a dinner or something when you get there. :smiley: The only days I know for certain that I am NOT free are Tuesday and Saturday.

Drop me a line and we’ll work something out!


Hey! I am from MI and live in NYC too! But won’t be back there until October. :frowning:

I wanna see you, MrC! I LOVE YOU, BRIAN!

Lemme know the where and when, mmkay?

I should have an itinerary available by tomorrow afternoon!

Mr. C is coming to town, Yay! I have to work during the week, but if you are still in town Friday night, let me know where to meet up with you folks and I will try my best to be there.

Well! Finally got the search function to work for me!

Anyone planned anything? I’m free every night but Tuesday & Saturday.

…on those days, it’s $5 a throw…

Well, looks like I’ll be leaving Friday night, so I must apologize for that. However, Tuesday evening through Thursday evening, I’m available to hang out. I’ll have a rental car available, so getting there is truly only half the battle :slight_smile:

I’ve got a babysitter for Thursday (and a husband to rely on the other nights) so it’s all good.

The question becomes, where to go. Royal Oak is hip, but it’s farther for us Ann Arborites. Plymouth is an okay central meeting point, but it’s not very interesting. Except I think there is a Wooly Bully’s not far from Plymouth. That’s sort of fun.

Maybe you should come to Ann Arbor? That’s not just me being lazy. Well, maybe it is, what the hell do I know. But we’ve got three brewpubs here, and some decent places to drink/eat.

Now, onto another important point: Res, tell me you play poker? For future reference.

I haven’t played poker for awhile, so I’d need a refresher on what hand tops what. I do have a big piggybank full of nickels in my apartment for just such an occasion.

But tell me your brand of liquor, and I’m there.

Ann Arbor

(you are getting sleepy, your eyes are heavy)

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor.

Yes, Ann Arbor is the place to go. Once you move here, you hate to drive out to anywhere else, and $4.50 a pint at Conner’s is a deal next to the damage 94 and 696 inflict on one’s car.

Besides, Ann Arbor police haven’t learned the choke hold maneuver yet like they do in Detroit.

You know what place is really really really cool? You know, where all the really fun and neat and keen kids like to hang out? Where the joint is jumping and the cats are hopping?

That’s right, friends! Ann Arbor!

It’s hot and muggy at 12.23 am! It has lots of trees! Every other place of business is either a bookstore or a cafe! And most of those businesses manage to squeeze the word “wolverine” into their name!

Be neat! Be hip! Be groovy!

Come to Ann Arbor!

(This post brought to you by someone who ought to be in bed.)

OK, as long as we’re on the subject of Michigan and get-togethers…

Is anyone up for the MI Renaissance Fest some weekend this fall? I plan to start a thread on this…eventually…but I’d like a prelimiary probe. (Boy, that could be taken in more than one way…)

I love this man already.

Yes, I’ll go to the Ren Faire.

Seriously, I don’t mind taking a little road trip! Alls I will need is someone to gimme directions :slight_smile:

Well, if you’re real bored, you can come multiple nights and hang out chez cranky. I’d offer to make dinner, but I know you’re the better cook.

So what night are we gathering the troops? Thursday?

I sent Shay my contact info. If you look on a map, you can see that you want to take I-275 south to M-14. Take that West to Ann Arbor. That’s the short version.

<pokes head out of hidey-hole>

Did I hear someone say mini-dopfest? This thursday? When/where. I can be there if its after 7.

Are a couple of kissy-face newlyweds welcome? {Brynda here, by the way. I am too lazy to log out as RickQ and log in as me}

Royal Oak would be great for us (it’s almost walking distance), but we could mosey out to AA, too.

Are we talking Thursday, August 8?

Brynda (and Rick)

Just bumping this thread to see if any decisions have been made. What’s the scoop?

Surely you all want to come out and point and stare at the newest Michigan doper. :smiley: