It's Been A While: Michigan Dopefest?

Well? Usual suspects? New people? Want to get together for a dinner and/or an activity?

I’d be interested, though there ain’t no way I could do anything until after the holidays are all over.

When is that?

Next year.

I’m going to California for my holiday, so I won’t be around until then anyway.

:frowning: Miss you guys.

I’d be interested, but it would be dependent on where it would be.

Oh, but you had no thought of our feelings when you left for the East Coast!

We’ll take pictures for ya, olives. Maybe I can shoehorn a squid in there for you. Actually, yes, we’ll have to have a small stuffed squid that’s your place-filler.

Dragwyr: we usually find somewhere to romp in the Ann Arbor/Detroitish area. If you’re in Lansing, we have a capital doper that you could carpool with (maybe?)

I’m interested. But I agree, we’re probably better off waiting until 2010.

Since the G man came down my way(Northern Ohio) recently, I’d probably be available to scoot up your way, assuming next year and nothing going on in my life. Sat night preferred.

I’m back in the state and would definitely be up for another get-together.

Lets do it in Evart,I work at a hotel/bar/restaurant there.

Hell yes I’m in. Just tell me when and where.

We can set up a live video feed via satellite for Olives.


Holy ass, that’s a ways up there.

Count me in! Just don’t make it next week, please. :wink:

Sometime between Christmas and NYE might work out, although that precludes a Saturday night pretty much.

I like the geeky game nights, in spite of the fact that LOUNE cheats so well.

Still bitter, eh? The fearsome twosome of** The Ever Patient Tracy** and myself will crush all comers!


I have Scrabble, Apples to Apples, and Kill Dr. Lucky (I liked playing that one so much at the dopefest in the park that I bought a set.)

I smell a coalition forming against me (again).

I’m from the Kalamazoo, MI area, so that would make it a challenge for me to get there.

I’m bringing Fiveroptic with me, whatever we decide.

And, miracle fruit!!