Can fresh garlic be frozen?

I know you can freeze onions and such (with textural changes) so I was wondering if I could freeze garlic, too? I went and bought one of those 3 lb. jugs of peeled garlic cloves at Sam’s. It’s actually pretty good for “Chinese garlic”. We’re steadily going through it, but I still have quite a bit and the expiration date is in March. I guess I could just make up massive quantities of spaghetti sauce and freeze that. Any ideas? Thanks in advance (I don’t know if this is a general question but it is food-related).

My mother likes to chop up fresh green garlic from the Farmer’s market, put it in an ice cube tray reserved for the purpose, cover with olive oil and freeze. Once frozen, she puts the cubes into ziploc bags and starts over.

When ready to make stir fry (for example) she pulls out a cube or two, pops it in the hot skillet, and waits until it melts, then adds other ingredients.

We freeze it. Doesn’t seem to hurt it any.

Yip. Go ahead and freeze it. Because money is tight, I tend to buy things that are close to expiration dates. So you get used to freezing stuff so they’ll last longer. I can’t tell the difference at all with garlic.