Can GiMP create a layer of one particular color out of a multi-colored selection?

I’ve got some collage writing on a jpg image that is black and transparent, but it would be more legible if the spaces within the black areas were white instead of transparent.

Is there a way to tell GiMP to create a layer using only the black pixels in my selected area?

Unfortunately, I didn’t create the image that I’m manipulating, so I don’t have access to any previous versions that might exist with the collage text as a distinct layer.

You should be able to select by color, then cut it, then paste it to a new layer.

Yes I finally figured out how to do that. I saw that menu option but I couldn’t tell what the cursor was doing at first. Thanks!

No one is more surprised than me that I was able to contribute helpfully to a question about the GIMP. :slight_smile: