Can God tear his own head off?

What does this have to do with the current thread? There’s nothing self-contradictory about suicide. People do it all the time.

Could God define a word in such a way that the definition had nothing to do with the word? :eek: You’re talking some deep shit, man. Deeeeeeeeeep.


When and if He wants to…

It’s part of that nonphysical, exempt from physical limitations thing.

Now, about that superhot burrito…

What in the hell are you talking about? It’s not redefinition to remove your own omnipotence. It’s a change. Obviously.

Are you just trying to avoid admitting that this is a reasonable question, or are you actually failing to understand?

Doesn’t omnipotence sort of imply indestructibility?

This shouldn’t even be a debate: an omnipotent god can kill itself.

As for the results; those are entirely in the hands of that omnipotent god.

As begbert2 keeps pointing out, there is no logical contradiction in the OP.

In less silly terms: Can the Christian God choose to terminate his own existence and what would be the consequences for the universe if he did so?

Can the Christian God choose to permanently change any of his properties?

Why should it? An omnipotent god coud make itself indestructible (until it decides otherwise), but if it lacks the ability to make itself into a rickety glass pot or to disappear itself entirely, well, that’s a lack of an ability, a reduction in potency as it were.

I don’t know about the Christian God, but I think an omnimax god shouldn’t change or choose. It IS. If an omnimax God wanted itself dead, it would have always been dead.

Dunno - I was just thinking out loud really - certainly an omnipotent being would have to be resistant to externally-imposed change. If omnipotence is the only property on the table, then it’s not too complex, but if the being is assumed to have other properties, such as being perfect in every conceivable way, that makes it more difficult.

Nope; it would only be indestructible if it wanted to be. But it does imply that such a creature could destroy itself, then come back.

Only it decided to be. Take away the God baggage for a moment; you’ve got Bob the normal guy with the Cosmic Cube. He can make anything he thinks of happen; but unless it occurs to him to wish up some defenses, you can take him out with a club to the back of the head.

I think this is cheating. It hasn’t destroyed itself if it can come back.

Wikipedia on the Omnipotence Paradox.

'tis a silly question. And, of course, God wouldn’t do it in any case, since it’s a sin to commit suicide…


Only insofar as an omnipotent god says it is. Presumably if truly omnipotent he can also decide that it is no longer a sin.

Well, s/he/it/unspecified could make himself/herself/itself/whatever non-omnipotent and then do the deed…and afterward, presumably, grant forgiveness. Or something.


Can God tear his own head off?

Sure, if he is a Mayan god or demigod. :slight_smile:

Well, if he can do it and survive it’s not suicide. Maybe God just does it to impress chicks with how badass he is. Then gets all grumpy and goes smite someone when the girls all leave with Thor instead.

I go with Thor regardless. Or maybe one of the Greek Gods. Those guys (and girls) knew how to REALLY party! None of this namby-pamby knocking up a virgin stuff (though they did that too)…no, they went full bore. With subtitles!


You know, you’re right. I misread the OP, commented quickly a couple of times and just got back to the computer. My sincere apologies to both you and begbert2.

My answer would be that it could go either way. God could either have created a universe dependent on his continued existence, or one that was independent of it.

And as long as the flavor of the God you’re talking about doesn’t necessitate or assume an eternal existence, yes, he could terminate his existence. BUt if you say you’re talking about the Christian God, I think that an eternal existence is part and parcel of that particular God.